Vulkan Industries Ltd.

Solar4Business Delivers Sustainable Energy Solution for VULKAN Industries Ltd.

Project Overview

In the midst of a global shift towards sustainable energy solutions, VULKAN Industries Ltd, a leading industrial company, recognised the importance of decarbonising its energy supply. Committed to reducing carbon emissions and embracing renewable energy, VULKAN Industries Ltd. partnered with Solar4Business to install a cutting-edge 10kWp photovoltaic system at its Brighouse site.

The project’s primary objective was clear: harness the power of the sun to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and achieve substantial cost savings while aligning with VULKAN’s corporate social responsibility goals.


Solar4Business successfully designed and installed a 56.36 m² photovoltaic system on VULKAN’s Brighouse site. This solar array is projected to generate over 9,800 kWh of clean electricity each year, seamlessly integrating with the company’s warehouse and administration operations. This renewable energy source will account for a remarkable 84 percent of the site’s total electricity consumption.

The financial implications of this green energy initiative are equally impressive. With Solar4Business’s expert installation and energy-efficient technology, VULKAN Industries Ltd. anticipates annual savings of approximately £4,000. Moreover, the payback period for the investment is expected to be just four years, demonstrating the economic viability of the project.

Adrian Birkin, Managing Director at Vulcan, stated, “By adopting solar energy, we are not only reducing our carbon footprint but also fulfilling our corporate social responsibility. It’s a win-win for our business and the environment.”

5-Year Savings Projection

Over the next five years, VULKAN Industries Ltd. anticipates a substantial reduction in energy expenses and an impressive contribution to environmental sustainability. The estimated cumulative savings, based on the current rate of savings of £4,000 per year, are projected as follows:

  • Year 1: £4,000
  • Year 2: £8,000
  • Year 3: £12,000
  • Year 4: £16,000
  • Year 5: £20,000

This progressive financial gain, alongside the substantial reduction in carbon emissions, underscores the long-term benefits of VULKAN’s decision to partner with Solar4Business in harnessing the power of solar energy.

In conclusion, VULKAN Industries Ltd.’s successful collaboration with Solar4Business in installing a 10kWp photovoltaic system at their Brighouse site serves as a compelling case study of sustainable energy adoption within the business sector. The project showcases not only substantial cost savings and rapid payback but also a significant step toward reducing carbon emissions and fulfilling corporate social responsibility commitments. As the world transitions to a cleaner energy future, VULKAN Industries Ltd. and Solar4Business are leading the way by demonstrating that solar power is not only environmentally responsible but also financially rewarding.

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